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Compressor technologies

Our core compentence is compressed air systems. You benefit from our long-term field experience to meet all requirements of your compressed air system. As a special equipment manufacturer and official Ingersoll Rand Inc. / CompAir distributor, we only process high-efficiency compressor systems and components. Turnkey solutions are our specialty.

Cooling technologies

Precooler, Aftercooler, Cooling Towers, industrial Processcooling, cold water production, process air are not just cool words for us, but our daily business. We are happy to advise you comprehensively on your application and develop joint solutions.


With numerous equipment options, such as additional treatment units, pumps, sound insulation systems, options for transportation, heat recovery, etc., each system can be tailored to the specific application, environment and requirements. In any case, we will work with you to come up with a solution that meets your specific needs.

MADER - Rental

  • Solutions for compressed air in emergencies
  • Standby compressed air for critical applications and processes
  • Compressed air supply during planned shutdowns and failures
  • Solutions for fluctuations in compressed air demand and for special events
  • Chillers are also in our rental park


We only use highly efficient components to significantly reduce your CO₂ balance and save resources


Operational safety through zero-defect strategy and predictive maintenance and service


Reduce operating costs through modern machinery, consumption monitoring and system optimization


The MADER corporate DNA is the highest quality in all areas